Our Leadership

Neilsen Yu

Elder and Shepherd

Neilsen was born in Taipei, Taiwan, grew up in friendly El Monte, and today lives in La Puente along with his wife, Lucy, and four children, Toby, Micah, Jonah, and Kaylah. Growing up in a small, family church in Rosemead, Neilsen was introduced to the Word of God at a young age and became extremely familiar with the stories contained within the Bible. However it wasn’t until his early twenties, while he was a Computer Science major at Harvey Mudd College, that the main point of the Bible finally “clicked”. He finally understood in his heart that he was a sinner. He saw his personal need for Christ as his Savior from the punishment that he was so deserving of. And, he was filled with gratitude for the amazing grace that he, “the worst of sinners” like Paul, was shown. Today, his greatest desire is to know God more and more deeply, and to disciple others toward the same. In his free time, Neilsen loves to read, build up his photobooth business, spend time enjoying his family, and play basketball!